Roms for my xPAD 7 Please!

Discussion in 'Gome Flytouch' started by TommyCash, Dec 29, 2011.

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    Hello, i bought a cheap Tablet on Ebay yesterday.


    Its named Xpad 7 from the Comapny Faktor 2 and the stock firmware is very slow,
    its possible to use other stock roms from evodroid:
    but this rom is very slow and stock too!

    After hours of testing serveral Roms i found out that this elonex 700et rom works:
    Loginthis rom has many bugs too, and after some restarts i just get a green screen instead of the home screen.

    This tablet is mentioned in another thread and they say that the xpad 7 is a clone from
    ENVODRID , Orphan Electronics Apad , Epads , MID M70003 , Jay-Tech Tablet
    but all the roms i found didnt work.

    I tried many hours of testing, but everytime i get the error that its impossible to format the filesystem,
    found out that the installation of the Eken M007 Rom works too, but the system doesnt boot up and shows some flickering.

    I hope you can help me, Thanks.
    Sorry for my english, im from Germany.
    All i want is a working market, and a better performance with root and overclocking to 300 or 400 mhz. :)

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