Root Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101

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    Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101
    [h=2][​IMG] Rooting the SL101[/h]
    My machine:

    Asus SL101 eee Pad Slider
    Android version 3.2.1 (Honeycomb)
    GPS Version V5.5.8
    Wi-Fi version V5.2.65
    Bluetooth version V6.24
    Kernel version
    android@mercury #1
    Build Number HTK75.US.epad- <--------------
    MobileDock version SL101-0202

    I noticed that some that had a build number that was less that so maybe that was why RazorClaw, z4root, etc didn't work on my machine. This did.

    You can google search for and download that.

    if you can't find it here is the link:

    [HOWTO UPDATE - WHEN ALL ELSE FAIL]Update to ICS and other major firmware updates

    Unzip it and open the text instructions.

    It says it is to root TF101 but it works with the SL101 also (I did it). Read the directions closely because you don't do all the steps for the SL101. You have to have ADB on you PC also.

    Hope this helps all the SL101 lovers.



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