rooting a galaxy2 gt-3113

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0' started by grynchoid, Nov 20, 2012.

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    lsamsung galaxy2 7" gt-3113 tablet
    OK! ! ! so i'm seriously ignorant regarding this tech stuff ! ! ! what i really want to be able to do is to aquire the ability to choose where i save files generated on my tab:ie on the external sd card. i don't want to have to download stuff from a computer to be able to access it. also, in order to use docs 2 go desktop i have to be able to pair my device with my windows 7 pc. and apparently this requires the option of utilizing UMS rather than MTP/PTP . HAS ANYONE FIGURED OUT HOW TO ACCOMPLISH THESE TWO THINGS? I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE SOME HELP (clearly explained for this newby) am i asking too much from this unit? thanks in advance for your time and patience with me.
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    Before begin the adventure

    I will provide with multiple links to our sister forums for your little understanding about your new adventure.

    Read, read and read till you close your eye you will understand what going on...
    Do not hesitate to ask question if you unsure.

    1. Welcome To Android Community: Layperson’s Dictionary of Rooting Terms.

    2a. Why Should I Root My Android device?
    2b. Rooting yes/no/maybe/why

    3. What is Rooting & Custom ROMs? The Advantages and Disadvantages

    Once you have little understand
    Take a look here for rooting: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Wi-Fi GT-P3113: Root and ClockworkMod Recovery

    Hope it help and please take a little time to read and understand :)
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