Rovio Officially Launches 'Bad Piggies' in Google Play Store

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    It looks like Rovio, the makers of the hugely successful game, Angry Birds is at it again. This time though, they are doing something a bit different with the series and creating a spinoff. This one is entitled "Bad Piggies" and it has you playing from the perspective of the pigs instead of the birds. Additionally, this one initially looks more like a typical platformer game (like Sonic).

    However, Rovio hasn't completely abandoned their physics-based gaming roots. In "Bad Piggies" you can actually get creative because not only do you need to move from screen to screen collecting eggs and avoiding obstacles like your typical platformer, but you also have to design a vehicle ahead of time that will help make your level run successful. The game promises millions of different creative combinations, so it sounds like it will challenge your brain skills as well as your twitch skills. So far it's been getting great reviews. Let us know what you think if you give it a try.

    Here's a video trailer above as well as a Play Store link below.

    Source: Google Play Store - Bad Piggies
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