Rovio says that Angry Birds: Space already downloaded 10Million times in three days

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    It looks like those furious fowl that like to fling themselves at befuddled sow are even more successful at doing it in the icy reaches of outer space than they are on the dirt-packing earth. Rovio, the famous makers of the Angry Birds game series for mobile devices, have just released their initial numbers for the newest iteration of their bird flinging challenge. Angry Birds: Space was downloaded over 10 Million times in just three days! Wow!

    They didn't specify how many of those were the paid, .99 cent, version versus the free ad-supported version, but those numbers are still ridiculous either way. Apparently, Rovio doesn't plan on sitting idly by and, in fact will be releasing four new Angry Birds titles in 2012. As a side-note, as if it weren't obvious that the game is a monster success, you have to realize you have something big when your product makes international internet headlines because a rumor suggests it won't be ported to Windows Phone, and could cripple the adoption of that platform. It turned out to be untrue, but really exemplifies how a particular product can become ubiquitous to such a degree that it becomes part of mobile culture.

    How many of you guys have tried out Angry Birds: Space? Share your thoughts on this new version.

    Source: TechCrunch
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