[Rumor] AUO Will be Making Display Panels for Next-Gen Nexus 7 Tablet

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    This intel comes from DigiTimes, which has a sketchy history on reliability, but because they sometimes get it right, we felt it was worth sharing with you guys. Supposedly, AUO (AU Optronics) will be providing the newly improved 1900 x 1200 display panels for the next generation Nexus 7. Google is still partnering up with Asus for the overall device, but even Asus uses third parties for its displays, making this rumor more likely to be accurate. Here's a quote with some of the details,

    DigiTimes also shared that Asus and Google expect to ship a great deal more units of the new Nexus 7, to the tune of 8 Million for all of 2013. If this information turns out to be correct, that means we are only a couple months away from a launch for the new Nexus 7. As always, stay tuned and we will share more details when they hit the electronic highway.

    Source: DigiTimes

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