[Rumor] Nexus Program Changing to Allow Other OEMs; LG Optimus G Nexus in November

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    If these latest rumors pan out, then all of our previous rumors about a new Nexus program from Google, and the new LG Optimus G coming out as a Nexus device are starting to coalesce into a realistic shape. First up, Android 4.2 is supposedly going to be officially announced in November at a co-sponsored event between Google and LG. At this same event, LG is expected to announce the new LG Optimus G Nexus device. This will be the first in a new Nexus program from Google.

    This is apparently the culmination of previous rumors earlier in the year suggesting that Google would announce a new Nexus program in which all 5 manufacturers will be able to participate in a Nexus program, instead of the exclusivity program that is currently in place. Supposedly, this new Nexus program will actually be announced before the LG event. Industry insiders are saying that Andy Rubin will likely share details about the new Nexus program at the AllThingsD: Dive into Mobile conference at the end of October just ahead of the LG product announcement.

    Along with these rumors, we have some additional info regarding the newest Android 4.2. First, most of the intel suggests that it will be still be called Jelly Bean, and that they are saving Key Lime Pie for Android 5.0. Additionally, here's a quote with some additional details on Android 4.2:

    We have to admit that all of us here at the HQ are definitely keeping our fingers crossed that these new rumors turn out to be true. Share your perspective.

    Thanks for the tip, tgyberg!

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    4.2 will be the froyo to my jellybeans

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