Run J2ME Java Apps on your device [Root Needed]

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    Run J2ME Java Apps on your device. Missing Symbian apps or Java apps. No need to miss them use it with your Tablet!
    -Download this zip file for CWM Users.
    Java For Vizio VTAB1008 CWM

    Those who have ClockWorkMod follow these steps:

    Steps For CWM Users:
    1.Flash this zip file using CWM.
    2.You'll have Java installed, try it.

    Steps for those without CWM but have ROOT:
    -Download this zip file.

    Java For Vizio VTAB1008 Manual

    1.Put all the files in the zip as mentioned in the zip file using any root file manager. (MAIN INSTRUCTIONS IN ZIP)
    3.You'll have Java installed, try it.
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