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    B-01 ICE CREAM SANDWICH Android 4.0.3 Tablet PC
    Have just purchased a tablet of which I am a complete novice at, manual does not give much detail.
    A few years ago I bought a cheap MID and though the help of a forum installed activesynch and everywan remote on my PC and after connecting my unknown MID via USB I was able to do everything from the PC as if I were doing it at the MID. I found this useful as I was creating lengthy text lists and found it easier using the PC keyboard & mouse as I am disabled.
    This is what I want to do with my new tablet but have been unable to do so.
    I installed activesynch and everywan but it was not recognised. I installed webkey app on the tablet and through my PC browser I could connect to the tablet which showed the home screen and icons but clicking on an icon with the mouse nothing happened
    With the old MID everything was successful.
    Is there a simple answer why I cannot achieve what I am trying to do? I have just started reading about root access, I wonder if that is part of the problem though I never had this issue with the old MID.
    I have searched the forum for this but have been unable to find the solution.
    I would be very grateful for any assistance.
    Thank you
    Tablet specs:B-01 ICE SCREAM SANDWICH Android 4.0.3 Tablet PC 2160p HD Superslim 7inch 5 point Multi-touch Capacitive screen Android Tablet with allwinner A10 1.5GHZ processor 8GB Memory camera HD2060P

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