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    I released my RTS on the market last week, and it's quite nice to play on the large tablet screen, so hopefully some RTS fans on these forums are interested.



    Market page:

    Game Info:
    Rusted Warfare is an Android RTS inspired by classic games such as Total Annihilation and Command and Conquer.
    Play on the go against your friends on your phone or tablet. Build up bases, extract resources and create your army.
    *Note this game is still in alpha and is still being developed. A better multiplayer interface, and more missions, levels and units, etc will be coming out soon*

    -Both campaign and skirmish missions, with full AI
    -Land, air, and sea units
    -Unit pathfinding and formations
    -Fast Interface: issue commands through the minimap, multi-touch support
    -Strategic zoom feature: Zoom out to view and issue commands across the whole battlefield
    -Multiplayer over Wifi and Internet
    -Survival mode (tower defence like)
    -Full screen tablet support
    -Install To SD supported

    Out of date video: (need to make a newer better one :p)

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