Samsung Fined for Astroturfing

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    There was recently a controversy with Samsung accused of paying writers to write positive things about the products and the company itself while pointing out the negatives of the competition on various websites, a practice called astroturfing. This was happening mainly on Taiwanese forums. And while I'm happy to have received a paycheck from Samsung, I'm glad it’s all over (absolutely kidding!).
    Samsung did not do this itself, but through two marketing firms. It's unsure of whether it was directly Samsung’s decision or the firms’ decision to pull this move, but both were fined. The firms were fined over $100,000 together, while Samsung was given a paltry $340,000 fIne. Samsung has stated that it is “committed to engaging in transparent and honest communications with consumers.” However, there are no guarantees. $340,000 is barely a slap on the wrist for the massive company, so I don’t know what will happen. What’s your opinion on astroturfing?

    Source: The Verge

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