Samsung Forms Carbon Fiber Joint Venture; May Be Ditching Plastic for Future Devices

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    Samsung's smartphones have always pushed the envelope in both software and hardware innovation, but one valid complaint has always been their "Achilles Heel." That is their plastic casing. For the most part, Samsung fans ignore (or don't mind) the lower end plastic materials in their Samsung devices. Because Samsung packs so many quality software features and functions into their devices, it's easy to forgive them for cutting corners to keep the devices more affordable.

    Still, that doesn't mean that Samsung fans wouldn't appreciate a new material for their devices. There is a new report out of Samsung about a business deal which may portend exactly that. Samsung just formed a new Joint Venture with the SGL Group for composite Carbon Fiber materials. The primary reason Samsung has always used plastics in their devices is because they are light, durable and affordable. This new strategic partnership with the SGL Group could allow them to affordably upgrade the materials in their smartphones and tablets to something much more intriguing than plastic, yet still keep their devices light and durable.

    Of course, for now the idea of using Carbon Fiber in smartphones is just industry speculation, but that doesn't mean it won't turn out to be true. How does a new Carbon Fiber-built Samsung Galaxy S5 sound?

    Here's the full presser,

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    I like the sound of that. However, it could be an enhancement or a hindrance of reception quality. Carbon fibers are electro conductive and can produce interference with electronics if not properly grounded or filtered.

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