Samsung Removes Anymode Brand "Smart Case" Accessory From Store Amidst Controversy

Discussion in 'Android Tablet News' started by dgstorm, Jul 19, 2011.

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    Recently, Samsung briefly had a new accessory on their site designed specifically for the Galaxy Tab 10.1. It's called the "Smart Case" from Anymode, and the controversy surrounding it stems from the fact that it looks like an obvious "knock-off" of a very similar product for the Apple iPad2, called the "Smart Cover." Samsung immediately pulled the accessory from their website and issued a statement regarding it. They indicated that the accessory never received official "Designed for Samsung Mobile" certification, and that they were "working with Anymode to address this oversight." They also shared that none of the cases had actually been sold.

    Does it seem like they are having an almost paranoid, "knee-jerk" reaction to this because of all their legal fights with Apple? It's hard to blame them... it was probably a wise reaction. Check out the pic above for an idea of what the folding case looks like.

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    What I find interesting is that nobody seems to remember the Incase brand "convertible magazine jacket" (look familiar?) was available for the original iPad (and still is). If I recall it was actually sold IN the online Apple Store, and long before the iPad2 and its "smart cover" were released. This makes me wonder if Apple actually owns the patent on this cover design or if they are licensing it from Incase (there appears to be an established working relationship between the two companies), if not then Incase got royally ripped off by Apple.

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