Samsung SM T210 not sending mail on Freeserve A/c

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by Tembo11, Nov 25, 2013.

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    Samsung SMt210 Android 4.1.2
    Have the above tablet with Android 4.1.2 on a WiFi extender that won't send email on a freeserve Pop3 a/c although it receives apparently quite happily on Port 110.

    I've tried the original Port 25 & also 465 & 587 and none seem to work
    I do note that normally the incoming Port for Android is set as 993. Is there a particular pairing that is needed in order to get both incoming & outgoing to work

    The confusing point is that I also have an HTC Wildfire S mobile that when connected to the same extender will send and receive on Ports 110 & 25 (the settings copied across from the settings in Outlook)

    With the Wildfire working I am wondering if there is some other setting in the tablet that has either got corrupted / changed or not set correctly in the first instance.

    Any thoughts or hints would be much appreciated

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