Samsung Tablet Shares Gain While Apple & Amazon Lose; Only 900k Surface Tabs Shipped

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    According to a new study by market analyst firm IDC, the 4th quarter of last year showed some shifting trends in the tablet marketplace. Their study was based upon estimated shipments and not actual retail sales, but should offer a decent picture nonetheless. First, the total tablet industry gained traction and shipped 52.5 million units worldwide. This was year over year growth of 75.3% in 4Q12 (up from 29.9 million units in 4Q11) and increased 74.3% from the previous quarter’s total of 30.1 million units.

    Next, we find that Samsung's marketshare growth out-paced both Apple and Amazon, who actually saw market-share growth declines. Specifically, Apple dropped to 43.6% marketshare in the fourth quarter last year from 51.7% in the same quarter the previous year. Amazon’s tablet share dropped from 15.9% to 11.5% from the previous year. Conversely, Samsung's share grew from just 7.3% to 15.1%.

    It's important to note that even though Apple's total marketshare declined, they still saw shipment growth. Apple’s iPad shipments jumped 48.1% to 22.9 million units from 15.1 million, and Samsung’s shipments skyrocketed 263% to 7.9 million tablets from 2.2 million. Asus, the makers of the Google Nexus 7, also saw phenomenal growth. Their marketshare shot up from 2% to 5.8%.

    Finally, Microsoft's Surface RT shipments were less than spectacular. Estimates peg total shipments to, at most, 900,000 units.

    Here's the full press release below,

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    Samsung and Asus are on the move. I wonder how much of a boost they get from having Nexus tablets?

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