Samsung to Launch New Mobile Product via Superbowl Ad

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    Apparently, Samsung wants to get the word out that they have a new and previously unknown mobile device ready to launch. In fact, it is such a big deal, that they Tweeted to let everyone know to look for it as a Superbowl Commercial this coming Sunday. This is an example of great "tease" marketing because there is absolutely no data out there as to what device this could possibly be. They have already indicated that the Samsung Galaxy SIII would not launch at Mobile World Congress, so unless they meant that it won't be at MWC because it will have been outed already, then the device can't be the SGS3.

    Perhaps it is the new quad-core tablet we have heard hints about. We are reaching out our journalistic feelers to grasp any bit of info regarding what they might be hinting at, but we may just be in the dark until the big game day like everyone else. Of course, the "so big" statement could be referring to the Galaxy Note for AT&T...

    What do you guys think it might be?

    Source: Twitter - Samsung
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