Samsung vs. Apple Updated Lawsuit List With Added Devices

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    At the beginning of the month, a news story broke that both Apple and Samsung were trying to have more devices retroactively added to their ongoing patent infringement lawsuits. The judge in the matter eventually determined that it would be better for the courts and the system to allow this, rather than gum of the court system with multiple lawsuits from the companies. At that time Samsung wanted to have the Apple iPhone 5 added to their lawsuit list, while Apple wanted to add the Samsung Galaxy Note, the U.S.-version of the Galaxy S III, and the Jelly Bean OS to their list.

    We didn't report it at that time for two reasons. One, we wanted to give you guys a holiday break from all the Apple vs. Samsung patent wars. Two, we anticipated that both companies would want to add even more "potentially offending" devices to their lists. While the first reason we held off is debatable, it turns out we were right about the second reason. Since then, both companies have added even more devices to the patent infringement case, and the list continues to grow like some gelatinous ooze monster devouring a small rural American town. In fact, Apple just filed a motion to add even more to their lawsuit than previously in the month.

    Here's the list of what has been added to both lawsuits.

    Samsung added:
    1. iPhone 5
    2. iPad Mini
    Apple added:
    1. Galaxy Note
    2. Jelly Bean operating system in relation to the Galaxy Nexus
    3. U.S.-version of the Galaxy S III
    4. Galaxy Note II
    5. Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi
    6. Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
    7. Rugby Pro
    8. Galaxy S III Mini
    And, the vehemence continues unabated...

    Source: SlashGear

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