Samsung Wins Appeal in Australia; Now Apple Wants Ban on Galaxy Tab 10.1N in Germany

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    The top pic is the newer Galaxy Tab 10.1N, and the bottom is the previous Galaxy Tab 10.1​

    This is a double story regarding the ongoing patent wars between Samsung and Apple. The first part is good news for Samsung. They just won their appeal in Australia, and the ban on their Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be lifted there. This is perfect timing for them ahead of the holiday season, although it really won't impact their competitive efforts against Apple that much, according to several analysts.
    The second bit of news is not so rosy for Sammy. Apple was successful in banning sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany, but Samsung was able to get around it by a slight redesign of the tablet, changing the look of the bezel and calling it the Galaxy Tab 10.1N. This didn't make Apple very thrilled and they are now filing a preliminary injunction against this tablet too, claiming that it still looks too much like their iPad. Regardless, it appears that Apple has definitely slowed down Samsung's momentum in competing with them in the tablet market. This was probably their intention all along. Ironically, it wasn't Samsung that was Apple's real competition in this regard. It turned out to be Amazon, with a tablet that isn't really like the iPad much at all.

    Really, if you look at the overall picture of these ongoing legal battles, it's like runners in a race. Apple is already ahead of Samsung, but wants to insure their victory so they start tripping them up with legal shenanigans to slow them down, but really Samsung was never going to be much competition to Apple, it was Amazon coming out of nowhere to give Apple a real race. Obviously, for now, Apple is winning this race, and they will be the reigning king of the tablet market for some time. But, with Amazon hot on their heels, and Samsung and Asus, amongst others, still striving to stay in the race, how long can they hold on to that victory position?

    Source: via Reuters and PhoneArena
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