Sanei n90 skype issues & app compatibilty

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    Hello mcbub. I recently bought a sanei n90 from you. Generally, I am very happy with it but I have a couple of problems. 1. Skype- this works but whoever I'm calling say my video quality is very poor with green & pink or yellow lines across the screen. Is therpe a fix for this problem do you know?
    Also many apps are stating not compatible with this device. How
    Ckan I solve this please? I tried to download firmware update but nothing happens. Thankyou.

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    We test the skype video chat in our office in the same network,it is very good and smooth, we make a skype video call from the tablet to computer(with webcamera) and both side can see other very well, i think the skype video chat quality is also depends on the network speed, if the network speed is not very well, then it will be like the problem you are talking. and have you checked the other post about skype video chat apk ? try that version, and check if there is any improve.

    for the app compatibility problem, i think that is the problem of ICS, not the device problem , in fact, the ICS is not so much steady, some apk company hasn't realeased the right version for ICS. when the 4.0 is hot enough, there will be more and more apk which can work with this device.
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    I also have Sanei M9701 Android Tablet. I bought from a different vendor. I have been complaining about the incapatable issue. Today they helped me a great deal. I was specifically looking for google voice search. here is what we did to get it running.

    1) on my PC went to I downloaded the program to my PC and installed it. BTW: I have windows7 64bit home premium version on PC.
    2) My vendor supplied driver.exe file.
    3) Ran the driver.exe file. It was all in chinese but I just hit the blue option buttons (only one choice)
    4) Vendor supplied voiceSearch.APK file. I saved to my PC
    5)Ran Moboroto program on PC
    6) Connected my PC to Tablet via USB. Waited for PC to recognize it.
    7) Moboroto saw my device using USB (only other option was WIFI - but USB seems safer)
    8) Wait for Moboroto to recognize the connection. It will show M9701 in the device. Then it will go to its home screen automatically.
    9) From home screen of Moboroto, click on FileManager
    10) Open Device -> Data -> App folder
    11) Click Upload-> from file It will open a browser on your PC. Click on the VoiceSearch.APK file
    12) close the Moboroto program. Then "remove hardware" to eject the Android device.
    13) unplug USB cable
    14) open the apps on your tablet and you will see VoiceSearch. There will be a microphone picture on main page near the google search.

    I followed same procedure to load the Samsung Media Share (aka AllShare) and SamsungRemote (so I can control TV with tablet)
    Hope this helps. There are alot of applications in Moboroto.
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