Sat Nav That Won't Break The Bank OR Your Data Allowance

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Apps' started by billynibbles, Nov 12, 2012.

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    One of the common problems faced by anyone trying to use Google Maps/Navigation for sat-nav purposes is the fact that to take a journey leads the apps to download more map ahead of you, like someone rolling out a carpet and then rolling it up again once you have passed. This can gobble up data allowance for the unwary. It is possible now to download 'chunks' of map in advance, whilst you have access to wi-fi, but I'm told that the size of map still limits you to a smallish radius in which to travel.

    A better solution is to invest in a 'proper' sat-nav app. Co-Pilot needs paying for, but at least you get a whole set of maps with no further need for expensive data downloads as you go along.

    A cheaper alternative is to download Nav Free along with maps relevant to where you live. I am currently running Nav Free with maps for UK+Ireland and North America is also on the list. It will accept UK postcodes (and Canadian) and of course, street addresses, and it's an easy job (whilst on wi-fi) to download the next map for your travels abroad. Directions are turn-by-turn with a choice of voices and there's a speed camera database addition. All the usual preferences can be altered just like on a Garmin or TomTom, e.g. no toll roads, fastest route, walking/driving etc.

    To save on memory storage, I'm about to ditch the UK+ROI maps in favour of Spain for a trip to the Canary Islands. It's easy enough to restore them later. The list of countries is getting longer all the time, but a recent holiday in Montenegro had me 'falling off the edge of the known world' as I exitted Croatia.

    Only one cloud on the horizon - the app front page mentions that quarterly updates to the maps are free for one year, but I've no details of charges after that.

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