SCHOTT Says Their Xensation Glass is the Strongest; Calls Out Corning

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    Most Android users have heard of Corning, the company that makes Gorilla Glass. A large majority of devices in the market use some form of glass from them; however, it's easy to forget they aren't the only makers of tough glass. One good example is a German company called SCHOTT. They released the teaser video (shown below) to showcase their new advanced glass, called Xensation, and they claim that their product is the toughest.

    Supposedly, their break and scratch-resistant alumino-silicate Xensation glass went through "stringent testing from potential customers before being brought to market." SCHOTT says that their glass has a 20 percent higher bending strength than "competitor glass types." They will even be producing an anti-glare version. Here's their full press release:

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