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Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1' started by potzki, Feb 15, 2014.

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    I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a zoom function on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 like there is on other Samsung devices such as the Galaxy S4 smartphone. I have a visual disability and find the zoom funtion (triple tap the screen) essential.

    I have been using Samsung smartphones for quite a few years now (most recently the S4 smartphone) and I bought the Galaxy Note 10.1 assuming that it would have the same functionality of zooming as the S4 but it doesn't seem to.

    Does anyone know if this will be added anytime soon? Or am I missing something and the device can actually do it?


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    Hello Potzki,

    Congratulations on your new Note 10.1 and welcome to the forum. Nice of you to become a member of Android Tablets.

    I'm not familiar enough with your tablet to say for sure whether or not you have that feature, but I think you do.

    Check the settings for your tablet, you may have to enable the feature before you can use it. On my N7, it's located in Settings> System> Accessibility> System> Magnification gestures. I also found a "Large text" option there you might want to activate as well..

    Good luck and enjoy your new tablet.


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