Scrolling frames in honeycomb 3.1 browser

Discussion in 'Honeycomb' started by snavarro89, Feb 23, 2012.

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    Hello everyone!

    There is an issue with a website with scrollling.
    The website has frames, the structure is something like

    <frame src=frame1>
    <frame src=frame1A>

    Then it goes down to two other frames until I get my asp page.

    The issue start happening in honeycomb 3.1, so the first issue was that the frame had a property scrolling = "no" (Dont know why in 3.0 it worked), so I change it and it start working. The issue I found then is that in the frame i am displaying a catalog with X # of items in a form. (I have 7 different catalogs all displayed on the same frame, it depends on which link the user clicks) So I enter the first catalog and I have 7 items and scrolling is perfect, then I go to a catalog that includes all seven catalog items, so its a large screen now, and scrolling gets bigger. That is good, but then I return to the first catalog, and now the scrolling has the same height as the previous catalog, and then every catalog I open keeps getting the same large height for the scrolling.

    I have tried resizing the frame and form height when the page is load, but havent succeed (This actually works in desktop browser) but in the tablet I keep getting the same large height.

    Does anyone know what might be causing this?

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