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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by Bloodrayne, Jul 25, 2011.

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    Kogan Agora
    I have a Kogan Agora on Gingerbread. As far as I can determine it is a slightly tweaked Haipad M708, rebadged by Kogan. Here's the deal. I have put in a 32gb micro sd, which incidentally I can't get out. I am using Handbrake to convert movies to mp4 on my pc and then downloading them to Doubletwist as the movie viewer. There is 3.1gb used on the sd but the movies wont download to it as my pc says the card is full. I have an idea that they are going direct to Doubletwist, rather than the sd. I can read whats on the card through my pc and there are already 2 movies on the tablet; I just can't add more. I also have an external hard disc full of movies which will not connect to the tablet through usb - any ideas? All help appreciated.
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    coby kyros
    Make sure you are looking at your sd card and not your internal storage. I have a coby kyros 7022 which is a rebrand of this tablet and when I mount it to my pc it mounts two drives one is my internal hard drive on my tablet and the other is my actual sd card.

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