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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Apps' started by Taibak, May 19, 2012.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently designing a virtual tour for a museum intended to emulate a tour for people who can't take the stairs. To that end, I'm looking for an app. that will let me display photos in a way that will replicate being in the rooms as closely as possible. Does anyone know of one that has the following features:

    The ability to create separate galleries for each room
    The ability to flick-to-scroll between photos in each gallery
    A way to embed links that will take me to different galleries (for instance, click on a door to go to the next room, click on an object to call up a photo of just that object, etc.)
    Pinch to zoom
    Pictures that reorient themselves when the tablet is turned
    A way to lock out unauthorized editing
    A way to take the viewer to a specific, full-size photo as soon as the app is launched.

    Does such a program exist? If not, does anyone know of an app that has most of these features? The first four are pretty important, but the others are negotiable.

    Thank you for any advice!

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