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    After buying an a500 right after the us launch, I found the device to be quite glitchy. After returning the a500 I purchased an LG tmobile gslate. Great device, however my data was throttled after 2 weeks on an unlimited 5gig plan. Well, I took back the gslate the day after throttleville. When again contemplating honeycomb tablet choices I first looked to the Asus transformer. However this device couldn't be found to buy and have immediatly. My radar again pointed towards the a500. Having read about an update ( not 3.1 ) , I decided to give it a try once more. I am immediatly impressed with the keyboard response ( hello t and h keys) , as well as overall performance. Live wallpapers seem to be working better, and widgets are not misbehaving. Anybody else have a similar experience? Let me know.
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