Setting my ZTpad tablet up.

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    10.2" Google ANDROID 4.0 ZENITHINK Z102
    G'day all! I recently bought a 10.2" Google ANDROID 4.0 ZENITHINK Tablet to use as as Kindle style device so that I could read my books and reference papers while I am travelling.

    The instruction book I got with the tablet is worse than useless because it has NO instructions on how to work through the settings menu.

    The web site I have been referred to ( is great except except that the instructions for connecting to a computer (To turn USB tethering on or off, touch the Settings icon > Wireless & networks > More > Tethering & portable hotspot.)don't seem to work.

    I got it connected, via wifi, to my main office desktop pretty easily. What I now seem unable to do is unconnect it so that my desktop can recognize it as another harddrive... and allow me to transfer files onto it.

    The other challenge I have is working out how to download the "Kindle for Android" app that will allow me to read books... and while on that subject; do I always have to go through Amazon to get books to read. I am quite happy to... but I think that I would like am alternative if at all possible.

    Thanks very much for the assistance




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