Should I use seperate Gmail accounts for Droid and Tab?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by jims52, Jan 9, 2012.

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    Sorry, total noob here, but I have a question about Gmail accounts. I bought my first smartphone earlier this year, a Droid X2 and set it up with a Gmail account. Yesterday I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus and when I set it up I put in the same Gmail account. Much to my surprise it synced everything that I had on my phone even the wallpaper.
    I'm not sure if this is a good thing as there were some apps that ran well on the phone, but didn't run at all on the 7 Plus. So I set up a new Gmail account for the 7 Plus, but I'm guessing that if I buy a book or app for my phone I wont be able to also put it on the Tab without buying it again. Also I don't really want to sync everything from phone to tab or tab to phone but would like to be able to sync contacts and events. Not sure if this will even be possible.

    How do most of you handle this situation?

    Again sorry for the noobish question, but I'm loving my smartphone and my tab and I'm trying to get them to all work as efficiently as possible.

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    Separate accounts means that you would have to get the app twice. Most people do one account but only sync what they want to. You can turn off the auto app sync so that not everything goes to a new device but it shouldn't really be an issue unless you have memory space constraints. Even then you can simply uninstall the apps from the device you don't want them on and it won't automatically bring them back.

    In general putting stuff in one place (one account) is the most efficient way to make it work. If you need to have segregation (say work and personal) then two accounts would make sense, otherwise not really.

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