Simple requirements = super confused, please help!

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    Hey there, i'm looking to get a tablet but there are so many to choose from and when i think about all the scam warnings and sites that offer sub-par service/products i have no idea where else to turn.

    I'm looking for a tablet with the following specs:
    • Around 8 inches (i would prefer not 7 and 10 is too big to be as portable as i am looking for)
    • Must be able to plug in a keyboard/keyboard case
    • Needs wifi and the ability to tether to my hero via usb
    • Must be able to support some kind of "office"/word processor product so i can type up reports on the road
    • Must have web/email access
    I'm not too bothered about cost but obviously low cost would be better.

    In terms of my computer experience, i know my way around computers as a whole but not the android system - i use a HTC Hero as my phone (which i'll update this year to another android) but that's about it.

    Oh and i'm in Canada but can buy from anywhere.

    Thank you in advance, any help is appreciated!

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