Since my ASUS TF300T JellyBean update was applied the digitizer has been unstable

Discussion in 'Jellybean' started by DazzleMan, Apr 2, 2013.

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    Asus TF300T
    No matter what I do the digitizer is flaky since the Jellybean update and subsequent install and reboot. It has acted up right from the get go. On the first boot I was having issues with unlocking. I found that I had to rotate the orientation to get the touch screen to work. And even then quite often it worked for one swipe and then froze or became unresponsive. A subsequent orientation rotate was required to be able to get the digitizer to recognize my tap or swipe, with either finger or stylus. Soon I found that I was changing the orientation more than I was using my tablet.

    Is there any way to either revert back ot ICS or to recalibrate the digitizer? My expensive tablet works for crap since the upgrade. I have seen complaints about HDMI but nothing similar to this.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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