Skype call disconnection (being cut off automatically)

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by cgchee, Dec 20, 2011.

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    Galaxy Tab 7

    I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 for verizon (2.3.5 version) a month ago. Currently, I don't subscribe 3G service. I installed Skype several days ago. But whenever I make a call, it doesn't continue 30 seconds. Calls (whichever it is a voice call or video call) are cut off soon (in 2~20 seconds), with being still connected to Skype online. I made every effort to fix it, but it failed. - for example, I recovered my Tab to the factory setting status. It's not a problem of internet and network in my home because my wife's Skype on her android phone (2.2 version) works very well without being cut off. In addition, when I installed Tango (free calls between Tango users)on my Tab, it works well without any disconnection. Is there anyone who can help me? Is it a hardware problem which only my Tab has or common problem? Or is it a software issue? Thank you.

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