Sleep Mode Stopped Working and Battery life Stinks (Even When Turned Off)

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    Ok My TF101 has been great since I purchased it last December. Upgrade to ICS went fine no problems BUT since the latest upgrade to 4.0.3 build IML74K.US_epad- it no longer has a sleep mode. When you do a quick touch of the power button it shuts off and will not wake up unless you hold the power button in for 10 (+/-) seconds.
    Secondly the battery life stinks - I can take it off a full 8 hr charge cycle and it will show 100% even if I don't use it all day (8-12 hrs) and then turn it on with the 10 second power button push it will show under 20% battery life left. Since it takes the long power button push I am left to assume that either the power button wake-from-sleep function has been disabled OR ...???

    The only thing I've done differently lately is that the other day I used my HDMI cable and hooked it up to our TV. (The picture was great by the way.) When I played a TV show from a network web site to the TV I did find it would not stop playing unless I turned off the Tablet to a full power off (Sleeping it didn't work)
    To me that suggest perhaps using the HDMI output somehow screwed up the sleep functionality royally.
    I have done several cold boots, a full factory data reset twice and still no sleep mode and poor battery life.

    Next step unless someone has a solution, is to contact ASUS and see about warranty service. Fotunately the tablet isn't a critical part of my life.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Unless the Jelly Bean update works miracles my tablet seems pretty much reduced to sloooow boot process and poor battery life.
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