Slide-It Keyboard Problems

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by RosL, Oct 7, 2016.

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    I've used Slide-it for some time now and used to find it great for dictating, especially on Samsung devices (2 phones, 2 tablets) although dictating never worked on my Hudl 2, it always generated Russian(?) whereas I was speaking (British) English. Since a couple of months ago and with software updates, not only does it no longer recognise speech, but the top bar that is meant to show suggestions is almost always blank.

    Devices and their Android version-

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (relic!) with 4.2.2 which does still show suggested words

    Galaxy S4 Mini with 4.2.2 I used to use speech all the time but it won't work at all now. However this does show suggested words

    Galaxy Tab A with 6.0.1 speech has never worked, suggested words only if I have deleted a few letters

    Galaxy S7 Edge with 6.0.1, as for my Tab A

    Oh yes, almost forgot, my ancient Galaxy S+ used to allow speech also, though that is very much a standby device only now, can't even tell you what It's software version was

    I've tried contacting the developers but get no response at all. I suspect the problem is OS updates conflicting with their software

    Any ideas please?

    And while on the subject of speech and Samsung, I used to be able to use "Hi Galaxy" (speech) to set alarms, open apps etc. That doesn't seem to be on any devices any more. Significant loss IMO, it was a really good feature and I'd like to see it reinstated. Who could I contact to suggest all Android devices have voice commands as well as voice searches?

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