Sneaky Update from Samsung Strips the International Galaxy S III of Local Search

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    In a move that is probably a slightly over-cautious pre-emptive defense of it's flagship device, Samsung has sent out an OTA update to their Galaxy S III that strips it of its "local search" functionality. Samsung calls this update a "stability" upgrade, but really it is designed to keep the "wandering eye of the dark lord Sauron (Apple's Lawyers) from focusing its gaze on the heroic Frodo (the Galaxy S III), so as to go unnoticed." (This overly sensationalistic LotR analogy is only meant for a bit of harmless humor. ;))

    Samsung has already done this with the U.S. versions of the phone, and to be clear, so far, there has been no indication that Apple could/would be targeting either version of the phone. Still, it's hard to blame Samsung for being a bit skittish. Share your thoughts.

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