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Discussion in 'Allwinner Based' started by Janey38, Jan 19, 2014.

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    Hi am new to the "tablet" thing so hope this is posted in the correct place

    I have a Softwinerevb which I believe is an Allwiner based tablet. This would not go past the flashing android logo and so I tried to put a new image file on via a sd card. This has obviously done something to the tablet as now when I turn it on there is a black screen with a long red rectangular box (with a black centre) in the middle. This then goes off and I get a lot of green writing on the screen which flashes down quickly and then nothing happens. It says - sprite update warning check mbr 1114633106 part correct failed now fix it automatically

    I can only assume that the image file I put on was not the correct one!!! Can anyone help with a generic one or suggest what I may be able to do.

    Many thanks


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