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    Hi to everybody, sorry for my English.

    I had a problem with my C91, when I plug the charger and try to do anything with the tablet, I couldn´t because the screen was crazy. When I was trying some diferents things, I saw that when I had the plug of the charger in an hand and with the other hand I touch the screen, it was crazy, a lot of touchpoints appears in the screen. If I leave the plug, the screen works ok. Then I´ve caught another charger (9v) and I did the same action, with plug in an hand and touching the screen, it works fine. Then I´ve plugged the charger into the tablet and it works fine. So, the problem is not the tablet or the screen, the problem is the charger. I go to speak to seller for to send me a new charger or, if possible, a car charger.

    I have the same problem with hdmi conector, so I´ll try to find another conector that works with it.

    I hope, this solve the problem of more people.


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