Some things about my new CM7 setup that I just can't figure out.

Discussion in 'Nook Color Technical' started by dasJIME, Jan 9, 2012.

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    After scouring every menu, I just cant seem to find out how to make the home button (n) the back button. It acts as a pause button in just about every app, and it is extremely frustrating to hit it and have it exit the app entirely and go back to the home screen. Secondly, when I long press the power button, it gives me the menu to reboot, shut down and blah blah blah- but when I choose shut down- it does more of a reboot for some reason. It powers off for a minute or so, then boots right back up.

    If anyone can help me solve these issues, id be very thankful!!

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    The n button can be remapped but the question is why do you need to? The n button isn't a "pause" button it is a home button and it works just how it is supposed to. If you do remap it to a back button I'm not sure it will wake the device from sleep if you push it (meaning you'll have to use the power button instead). I'll assume you are a new Android user and are not familiar with how Android works. Generally speaking Android uses 4 "buttons" which can be physical or soft:

    Home - a tap takes you to the home screen and a long press (hold the button) pulls up recently launched apps. This is the most common way to exit an app or switch to a recently used app.
    Menu - brings up app settings from within an app and tablet settings from the home screen.
    Back - takes you back to the previous screen or application and using back to exit an application closes it rather than leaving it running in the background (don't worry about leaving apps running in the background Android manages them for you).
    Search - Allows you to search the internet or the device.

    CM7 has built-in soft buttons in the lower left corner and these include the standard Android buttons as well as a quick notifications button which opens and closes the notifications drawer. To access these buttons go to Settings (either from the Settings app in the app drawer or by the menu button from the home screen). Settings>CyanogenMod Settings>Tablet tweaks>Soft-buttons. Here you can choose which buttons appear in the buttons/notifications bar.

    As far as the power, it should shut down if you long press to get the power menu and then select Power off>ok. If after selecting power off it boots back up you should check to make sure you aren't continuing to hold the power button and that your power button isn't sticking. If you continue to have this problem you might want to make reinstall CM7 to make sure the issue isn't there and then see if your Nook has a faulty power button.
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