Sony support states Tablet S allows ad hoc wifi connection

Discussion in 'Sony Tablet S' started by JeffreyW75, Sep 6, 2012.

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    Sony Tablet S 16GB version
    So I contacted Sony about my inability to connect my Tablet S to ad hoc wifi connections, which I believe is what others on here have found to be the case as well. Sony claims that the tablet will connect to an ad hoc connection, although their suggested fix doesn't work of course. Here is what they told me today, which is pretty useless. Seems Sony doesn't even know that ad hoc doesn't work.

    -original message-
    Subject: Re: SGPT111US/S
    From: Support <>
    Date: 09/06/2012 1:29 PM


    Thank you for contacting Sony Support.

    I understand that the Sony Tablet is not detecting or connecting to the Ad Hoc network. I have provided a link with the information to troubleshoot when cannot detect or connect to an Ad Hoc network on the tablet:

    TIP: Click the blue text sub links to review more detailed informtion to perform the specific operation.

    Thank you for understanding.

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    The Sony Email Response Team

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    Sony S
    I´ve received the same useless explain from Sony.

    It does not connect to wifi/adhoc. Take care about it. It is a Android issue that Sony does not talk about.

    Someone know how to connect? without any root?

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