Sony's Xperia Z Tablet Gets Dunked in MWC Demo Video, Plus Bonus Official Sony Video

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    We have a couple of great videos for you guys today on the new Sony Xperia Z Android tablet. It's undoubtedly a gorgeous and sleek 10-inch device, and includes some outstanding features. Unfortunately, the device does have a hefty $499 price-tag. You can grab the Nexus 10 on the Play Store, with a better display and battery for $100 bucks less. Of course, if you have an active outdoor lifestyle, then the fact that this ultra-thin and light device from Sony is also water and dust resistant might sway you in its direction.

    It's definitely a premium product, but we will leave it up to you guys to decide its relative value in the market. In the mean-time, the first video is a product teaser from Sony, and the second one is a water-dunking demo of the unit.
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