Southern Telecom Slick Websurfer Tablet

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    Hi all! Thanks for viewing and possibly assisting. My sis bought me this tablet (Southern Telecom Slick Websurfer Tablet Android 2.1 )and I was wondering if anyone has it or had some experience with it because I am experiencing some boot issues. I tried to research and I really couldn't find ANYTHING on it. Well what happens is, when I turn it on by power button, it shows the brand bootscreen (slick) then 4 seconds later it shows a screen that says " Internet WebSurfer" and thats it! It doesn't boot into anything else... It just stays on that screen. I tried charging it, It charges fine. I tried pressing other buttons but to no avail, I got no responses. I even tried double pressing power + home button and still NOTHING. I Also tried to attach it to my mac and nothing still. What do you guys think is wrong? Can you assist me please, if possible.


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