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Discussion in 'Zenithink Tablets' started by spectah, Dec 23, 2011.

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    zepad zt180

    This is a log of my problems with zt180. All problems fixed ! Yay! I was actually giving up fixing this thing and already put it to be auctioned but nobody wanted it half price :eek:. Now im kinda glad it didnt sell.

    Problems solved :)

    • Cannot upgrade OS
      • Solved - Used microsd card to flash the brick. Firmware downloaded from zenithink.us (if i remember correct,version zt180 1111 or sth). I read from somewhere that zt180 512mb version cannot be upgraded with usb cable.
      • Tried the "stick in usb cable and flash from your computer with burntool" method but it didnt work. I'll try it again with my old laptop later.
        or with sdcard when i get extra one.

    • Market or gmail are not working
      • Solution - firmware upgrade
      • just opens to background and nothing else. Doesnt ask for google account login stuff. Cache cleared about a hundred times. I'm using WiFi. Using cable to connect didnt help.
      • maybe I should just ditch these programs and use something else?
      • Hope upgrading firmware solves this when i get to it.
    • Downloads via any market apps dont work
      • Solution - Same as above
      • tried appbrain and download/upgrade/execute button do nothing
      • i can download apks at some sites with browser but usually install/download buttons do nothing.
      • getting tired of this. hope flashing helps.

    Problems still PISSING ME OFF!!! :mad:
    • YAY NONE ATM!!
    Other hassle
    no hassle yet
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