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Discussion in 'Creative Tablets' started by lamstake, Oct 1, 2011.

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    Hello all,

    My father purchased one of these and brought it back to Canada. I have been at wit's end trying to find any type of tutorial/guide on this thing. There also appears to be zero support on the web. So far, pretty much nothing is working on it.

    -Ziistore: when i go to download a book it says its 0 pages and goes "download unsuccessful"
    -How do I download any applications, etc.? (to view WORD files, MP4 videos, etc., PDF)
    -youtube doesn't work in the browser

    Is there some kind of Android Market type thing I can access? What format are the books and is there a simple convertor?

    I'm at a real loss here, any help would be greatly appreciated. The product isn't even listed on their website anymore (only the newer MB-Z3 is there).

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