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    These are the current resources I've found for Android running on X86 hardware. Android on x86 is available in versions up to Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Work is in progress to get Adobe Flash working correctly. Best of all, you can now find x86 Android ROMs with pretty good ARM emulation. You can play Angry Birds on your x86 tablet or PC now!

    Android-x86 Project has builds for generic-x86, Asus, IBM, and other x86 hardware:
    Android-x86 - Porting Android to x86!forum/android-x86
    (source code also available) has Asus, TegaTech, and EEEPC test builds with built-in ARM emulation:

    Corvus Mod for the WeTab/ExoPC Atom N450 tablets. The page states "final version" at the top, but Corvus later posts he is developing a new version with ARM emulation:
    Android ICS 4.0.3 for wetab (ENGLISH) (UPDATED) « corvusmod
    (source code also available)

    WeTab Community (German site but the ROM is English):

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