Still learning the Thrive, and am a little stuck. . .

Discussion in 'Toshiba Thrive' started by dgnyberg, Mar 7, 2012.

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    I really like the Thrive, but I have a question for those more experienced users.

    On the home page at the bottom left there are three icons.

    The back, the home and the third one.

    That third one brings up a list of, what I think are, running apps.

    I've installed an app killer, but the programs continue to show themselves
    along the left side of the screen when I press that third icon.

    It seems that those programs are still either running or at least still in memory to allow quick re-opening.

    My question is. . . How do you close those programs?

    I would like to be able to clear that area when I am done with programs,
    or only have it show the actual programs I am currently working with.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.
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    After looking, much like you I can not find an answer to this. However from what I have found they can not be cleared without adding a app. Also it looks like the ability to clear them is coming in ICS or Android 4.0.
    Try not to let it bother you to much. I doubt this uses much of the system resources.
    If you use something like the Advanced Task Killer app and it does not see that the app is running then these are only snapshots of the recent Apps with a link to the app to quick launch.
    I just installed ATK app and cleared many of the Apps running and nothing changed except the oldest item in the recent list was removed and replaced with my most recent events. So it is nothing more than a snap shot and a link. Image that small and a link will use almost no resources so try not to worry for now. If we get a ICS update for our TTs you should be able to clear the list, but for now, at least we know they do not represent running Apps.
    Hope this helps.

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