Storage and where all the files are saved on the tablet

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by zhong, Oct 29, 2011.

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    Curtis LT7029 Tablet
    I have Curtis 7029 tablet.

    I wish to change where all the files are downloaded and programs installed since I bought new 8 gb. micro memory sd card.

    I am confusued about where all the files and programs are saved.

    I assume wihout sd card inside they are saved in internal storage, that is space inside the tablet. I think that had about 240 megs which is decreasing as I download and install programs to my tablet..

    And then there is Nand storage that is about 3.08 gigs. when are files saved there ? Because it is decreasing to 3.06 gigs at the moment. What type of storage is that for ?

    And then there is TF storage which is same as SD card storage, right ?

    So I wish to change it so all files programs and installation files I download from Android market etc. will save in my sd card without using other internal storage.

    What about flash drive storage when use usb cable can that space be used for downhloading from internet and from Android market ?


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