Streaming flash? what's the go?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Usage, Tips & Tricks' started by adriang, May 5, 2011.

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    Going around in circles trying to understand this one..

    I'll start with what I'm wanting!

    I'm hoping to get an android pad that than access flash movies that are streamed from websites.

    Currently have an LG Optimus One (P500?) phone, upped to 2.1, and I know it cannot stream.

    From what I read, there seem to be a couple of factors to consider on if a tablet will work.

    The hardware, for example on the adobe site if says it's pretty well restricted to one particular chip.

    I think it's also restricted to the version of Andoid, but does this make the chip issue go away because the operating system shields the end user from the hardware?

    More confusion, I contacted Best Deals for Android Tablet PC,Tablet PC,Smartphones,mobile phone,mp4 from Maxstart Technology co ltd and asked specifically about this tablet: Discount China Wholesale Flytouch 3 Android Tablet PC with Android 2.2 OS, Built In GPS, 10.2 Inch Touch Screen, Superpad [Flytouch 3]- US$166.50 - Maxstart

    I contacted them, asking if it could stream and was told that as it ran Flash 10.1, only in black and white, and they pointed me to look at a cortex A8 based machine. So now I'm more confused.

    So a couple of questions that I hope somebody can help with!!

    Can somebody please advise what it actually takes to view streamed flash content?

    And are there any options/capabilities (like a rom) to make the flytouch3 I referenced above to actually work properly with flash?

    Thanks in advance..
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    First off, many of the vendors will just tell you what you need to hear in order for them to make a sale. Please be sure to read through here on the various vendor thread discussions to see which ones are reputable (there are several), and which ones to avoid (there are more of those). Second, it depends VERY much on which video streaming service you wish to use, as well as whether or not you expect to do this over WiFi or a 3G type connection. Finally, there are many many threads already here which discuss this topic and there should your answer in there as well.

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