Study shows that video games leads to depression and social problems.

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    "A new study shows that video games provide elation much like a drug can. There is so much euphoria and endorphin rush that comes with SOME games that people can become addicted to them. In essence, they get a high. However, like with some drugs, once they are not gaming, their mood and endorphin levels are such that they are more depressed and are less sociable as they WOULD BE if they were not playing the games in a habitual-addictive like manner.

    Moreover, the fascination with the video game world makes reality seem all but dull and boring. Thus, for some video game addicts, sitting in front of a screen is more entertaining than conversing with a human. This is likely the cause for lack of social activity in many gamers lives. This lack of social activity is also a probable cause for the higher level of depression statistics."

    I don't know how I feel about this dudes, im thinkin, maybe we should only play every once in a while? I mean personally.. some of this stuff is true, and when im not gaming so much.. i just enjoy hangin around my peeps more.

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