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    I have been part of a fund raiser for a few years now. One common problem that I often faced is people would like to donate but might not carry enough cash and I didn’t have a way to charge their credit card. PayAnywhere came as an ideal solution for that. It’s a free Android application, comes with a free credit card reader and is absolutely easy to use. The interface is amazingly simple yet intuitive making it easy even for a novice to use.

    It is a product from North American Bancard, one of the leading credit card processors today, which takes care of the security issues. Besides the customer service is also extremely efficient. I had to call them just once to set up my account – the process was hassle-free, I got my card reader in time and its been a smooth ride since then.

    I first found the information on their website iPhone Credit Card Processing | Pay Anywhere while looking for a portable credit card reader and was delighted to find such a mobile based easy solution. They have both Android and iPhone version which makes it usable by even more number of people.

    Any of you also using the app ? what has been your experience?

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