Super Pad 6 - Help and advice?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by jailin, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Superpad 6
    Hi guys

    I have a new Superpad 6 that I bought off thE Bay with more than a few issues.

    When powering the unit on the screen will show the Vimicro logo then show a mash of pixels of all different colours and then flash to the android text before booting up.

    The unit will also freeze at random

    Apps including Facebook, Browser USB OTG and others will crash on use or on boot.

    I am unable to download apps from Play that are over 10mb

    The unit will also power off at random, not sleep but actually power off, even with 100% battery
    The unit will sometimes not power on and I will need to use the reset – which sucks because I need to set the date time and language back up.

    I haven’t tried to root or flash it with an update. This is out of the box

    Does someone out there have the base firmware that I can try and re-flash it? With step by step instructions for complete idiots??

    Are there any fixes for such problems?

    I’m mostly worried about the pixel flash, market and app crashes. The whole unit is unstable if it loads up.

    Is the unit basically knackered and should I send it back for replacement or refund?

    Model: MID
    Droid version: 2.3
    Kernel version:

    Thank you for all your help in advanced

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