Superpad 3 loading books problem

Discussion in 'Gome Flytouch II' started by 365stan, Nov 5, 2011.

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    superpad 3
    Greetings, new member here. I am a total non techie type who regrets the passing of steam locomotion. I have sussed the music side of the device but I am unable to work out the book section. I have downloaded the manual from Berlin but the subtle combination of German Chinese and pidgeon English is beyond my feeble brain. I have loaded a couple of books from Kindle onto the sd card but I an unable to get them into the library. I open the library and click "import" and I am then confronted with a list of options down the left hand side of the screen. I have clicked each one in turn but have been unable to progress beyond this stage. A simple step-by-step series of instructions which could be understood by a small child or, in my case, a sixty four year old steam apologist would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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